2 Pack of Playstation Controllers & Bengoo LED Gaming Headset Bundle best prices


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Perfect bundle for gamers! Get 2 Controllers and a gaming headset. All new in box!

The headset works with all major systems and PC and cell phone!

The controllers works with Playstation 4 system and select Bluetooth enabled devices (laptop, Android boxes, phone, etc.)

These are a good alternative to the Dualshock 4 controllers. They feel great in hand and with these you can get 2 great generic controllers for less than the price of buying 1 branded controller. These are great to have as extra controllers or backup controllers when your other ones are charging up. The colors are great and pop! Comes with thumb stick covers as a bonus!

Lots of other games and accessories available under our seller profile. If you see multiple items that you would like we could make a bundle!

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