Canvas Oil Painting Musician Children by J.Roybal 25 x 29 Professionally Framed cheap online


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Canvas Oil Painting Musician Children by J. Roybal 25 x 29 Professionally Framed
This canvas piece was carefully framed with nice clean detail.

Purchased from a Antique Dealer, Authentic , not a copy. Signed.

Whimsical painting of Child Musicians Orchestra. Perfect for a kid room! "Joyce Roybal is a British Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1955. His artworks are influenced by another artist called Graciela Boulanger. Joyce Roybal's paintings use decorative thick textured, subjects mainly children playing musical instruments or sports balls, hot air balloons, bicycles. They are lighthearted and almost cartoonish, using bright, textured colors."

* Dimensions- Height: 25 in. Width: 29 in. Depth: 2 in. (5.08 cm)
* Materials and Techniques Canvas, Wood, Painted
* Place of Origin - United States
* Period Late 20th Century
* Date of Manufacture 1980s
* Condition: Good has a few scrapes on frame, not bad

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